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Mod-U-Weld Control/Monitor

Mod-U-Weld Control/Monitor - welding controls

          This small plug-in module contains the CPU board, firing board and 1250 amp water-cooled SCR. The Mod-U-Weld has little I/O of its own, but is instead operated by a single twisted pair cable allowing it to be networked with up to 15 additional Mod-U-Weld controls on a single panel 5' X 6' X 18".

          This control was designed to make the concept of one gun, one transformer, and one welding control economically feasible, while at the same time reducing the need for excessive floor space or overhead balconies. If a control has a problem, it is unplugged and replaced with another control and all necessary information is downloaded from a plant floor terminal. You are ready to run in five to ten minutes.

          Mod-U-Weld derives its name from its intended application. It is only one component in a modular system that can be as complex or as simple as the end user desires. Since the Mod-U-Weld has only two I/O, connecting multiple Mod-U-Weld units together requires minimal wiring. The only I/O is an input for Emergency Stop, and an output for Shunt Trip. All other I/O is conducted serially on a single twisted pair wiring scheme. This includes weld and stepper sequences; last weld data; initiation and fault reporting, etc. The serial I/O can originate from any number of sources - PLCs, robot controllers, computers, dedicated serial controllers, etc. Actually, any device capable of serial ASCII communication will work just fine.

          Clever engineering also makes the Mod-U-Weld one of the most reliable welding controls ever. As an example, the communication line, once the weak link on many industrial devices, now has several levels of protection. First, a new communication chip offers both optical and transformer isolation; then external to the chip are special diodes that pass anything higher than 5 volts to ground; then finally, to protect all of these devices are solid state resettable fuses that never need replacing. These special fuses reset themselves after the overvoltage condition is corrected. If we paid this much attention to the serial line, you can imagine the engineering innovation, both in hardware and software that exists in the rest of the product.

          The Mod-U-Weld system is also very appealing from a cost standpoint. Mod-U-Weld reduces the amount of wiring and PLC I/O required by up to 90% over a conventional weld control. In addition, its small size allows the user to put many welding controls in a very small area, thus eliminating much of the floor or balcony space required. In fact, some users have installed 16 welding controls in a 72" H X 40" W enclosure! Moreover, it allows the user to have individual control of every welding transformer. On the average, a user could buy 2.5 Mod-U-Weld welding controls for the same price as one "conventional" welding control.

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