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Patented Resistance Welding Controls/Monitors

ATek's Patented Resistance Welding Controls / Monitors consists of two lines. The TruAmp, and the Mod-U-Weld. All of ATek's welding controls can repeatedly hold a secondary weld current to a tolerance of 1%. Take a look below at each unit, and then click on the unit you want to learn more about.

      TruAmp Weld Control Monitor - welding controls

Mod-U-Weld - welding controls


The TruAmp is a programmable welding control/monitor. It operates with simple programming that doesnít even need to have the turnís ratio entered. It also gives advanced warning before "current out of tolerance" is reached, so there wonít be any parts thrown away because of a bad weld! TruAmp

Mod-U-Weld (Obsolete)

The Mod-U-Weld is a marvel of component miniaturization and integration. This allows for a very small footprint, measuring just 5.2"W X 7.3"L X 7"H. The unit is a completely self contained weld control, including the SCR, CPU and firing boards. Its small size makes it perfect for welding machines where many transformers and guns are packed into a small area. Mod-U-Weld

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