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Resistance Welding Training/Rates


1. Understand the principles of resistance welding.
2. Understand resistance welding terminology and definitions.
3. Understand resistance welding machine setup.
4. Be familiar with rules for making good welds.
5. Be able to return to his plant and solve 90% of his weld problems.

          Effective February 15, 2000

  Training at ATek Facility               Map to Facility
Class Per Person Rate
One (1) Day Class $300.00
    Includes 1/2 day - Basics of Resistance Welding
    Includes 1/2 day - Welding Lab/Hands-on, specific applications

Two (2) Day Class $600.00
    Adds Preventive Maintenance schedule to above listing.
    Additional hands-on training.

  Training at Customer's Facility
Class Daily Rate
One (1) Day Class $2,000.00 plus expenses and travel
    Same class criteria as shown above.

Two (2) Day Class $4,000.00 plus expenses and travel
    Same as class criteria as shown above.

Travel rate to and from customerís site $80.00 per hr.
Expenses will be charged at cost and are defined as car rental or mileage (mileage rate per current IRS guidelines), air transportation, food, lodging, tips, etc.

1. Up to 10 people per class. Open classes in Chattanooga, TN usually held the last Thursday of each month.
2. Additional 30% premium for weekend and midnight classes.
3. Prices apply to all control training and process training.
4. Seminar Books are included in cost of training.
5. Rates are subject to change without notice.
6. Cancellation of registration must be within five (5) working days prior to class date or fees will be nonrefundable.

2605 Riverside Drive - P.O. Box 5402
Chattanooga, TN 37406
Phone:(423)622-4362 Fax: (423)622-7340

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