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Family of TruAmp Welding Controls with Integrated Monitors

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The patented TruAmp Welding Controls/Monitor has many features that ensure a great weld every time. It comes in several different flavors so it can meet your unique needs.

  • +/- 1% control of amperage
  • Corrects for resistance changes in the secondary of the welding machine-cable & shunt breakdown, pick up of contaminants on tip, current shunting.
  • No need for entering turns ratio.
  • Allows determination of most efficient transformer tap.
  • Advance warning before "out of tolerance".
  • Easy programming-current entered directly in amperes.
  • Allows moving job from one machine to another without having to change weld schedule.
  • Use same schedule on all three shifts.
  • Sensatouch allows short squeeze time without any chance of tips coming together "Hot". Sensatouch is such an important safety feature, that it is included in all software at N/C.
  • Control has only two (2) boards for ease of maintenance.
  • Two (2) year warranty!
  • Price range from $4,573.00 - $30,000.00.
  • Capable of running seam welders.
  • Models with subschedules allow setting sophisticated schedules such as quench and temper, preheat, post-heat and downslope.
  • All models provide upslope and pulsation.

TruAmp Models
Model Schedules
Model TA III 3 schedules
Model TA IV 15 schedules, with/without subschedules
Model TA IV Cascade Up to 15 cascade
Model TA V 3 schedules, 5 subschedules per schedule
All TruAmp Welding Controls Models DC, single and 3 phase, available

    Software Options
  • Use Factor Indicates % of available current being used.
  • Use Factor high-low limit used for detecting current shunting.
  • Use Factor alerts for preventative maintenance on welding machines, cables, shunts, etc.
  • Use Factor can be used for parts missing detection through the welding control-no external devices.
  • Stepper software available.
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