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Why ATek?

Why ATek? Why use there welding controls and monitors? Because despite the fact that resistance welding is the fastest, cheapest method of joining two pieces of metal, manufacturing still hates the process because of the inability to achieve repeatable results 365 days a year, all three shifts.

At ATek we approached the resistance welding problem from the manufacturer's side. They want:

  • Repeatable results all three shifts, 365 days a year.
  • Advance warning before a bad weld.
  • Corrective action should be something that the operator or setup man can easily do.
  • Stop after first bad weld.
  • Show me what tap to set the transformer on for maximum electrical efficiency and lowest electrical cost.
  • Tell me when to dress tips.
  • Tell me when to change cables or shunts.
  • Tell me if parts are missing.
  • Do all this in a control with simple programming-thirty minutes training time.
  • A control with only two boards for ease of maintenance.
ATek has accomplished all of these goals with its welding controls.

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